Central Corridor-TTFA

The Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency (TTFA) is a multilateral Agency formed by Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda comprising Public and Private Sector stakeholders. It’s mandate is to oversee, manage and improve the central corridor trade route that originates from the Port of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Its rival trade route is the Northern Corridor that originates from the Port of Mombasa, Kenya.

GDC team in collaboration with a leading regional finance and development agency built an online transport performance monitoring system that aggregates data from computerized systems owned by the various stakeholders on the Central corridor route. The system generates reports that drive policy formulation to facilitate and promote secure, reliable and cost effective transport and trade along the corridor. The technology solution had a complex GIS system integrated into it for further enhancement of data.

Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda
22 January 2015
Transport performance monitoring system