Rwanda Building Permits Management Information System

With population growth of 2.7 per cent and a growing middle class, Rwanda is experiencing a massive boost in the construction sector and growing demand for real estate developments.

Every year in Rwanda between 28 thousand and 35 thousand units are in demand just in Kigali, a need developers are struggling to meet the market needs. This put Rwanda in a critical position to establish as well as facilitate the internal operations in order to properly manage the uproot of development projects that were coming up.

The Government of Rwanda decided to digitize permitting services so that citizens can access them wherever they are. Focusing on the construction sector in particular, the digitization was done through establishment of an online Building Permits Management Information System (BPMIS) equipped with features that facilitate applicants to access information, to closely follow-up applications and to be notified on the progress made on them as a result of the assessment undertaken by the City of Kigali or District One Stop Centers.

The BPMIS project was designed and implemented by the GDC team alongside the Rwanda Housing Authority and collaboration and funding of the World Bank Group program.

The Government of Rwanda
September 2016
Digitization of Permit Services on Construction