Advisory Services On E-Governance

Advisory Services On E-Governance

Since late 2016, for the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population is connected to the Internet. This is an important milestone which demonstrates that future belongs to Digital Citizens. People of the world are no longer only physical citizens of one or another country – people’s online lives stretch across borders and boundaries, regardless of their physical location.

What does that mean for traditional concepts of identity, citizenship, jurisdiction or government? How does that affect the expectations we have towards governance?

At the same time the digital world is becoming an increasingly personal environment. Ads that are displayed to people when they browse websites and other information which is provided to them online are becoming more and more varied depending on who the exact recipient is. This also applies to e-services offered by governments to people. These e-services are about to become more personalised, depending on the concrete needs and interests of an individual.

As this shift towards the personal is global, the discussion on the benefits and dangers of such a shift is also picking up pace and intensity. Issues related to digital identity, privacy and data protection intertwine with the governments’ drive to enable efficient, precise, proactive and relevant public and private services that citizens actually need and benefit from. Also, traditional forms of democracy are challenged by these new Digital Citizens, who expect to play a much more active role in national and global policy making.

To bridge the gap that is increasingly broadening by the day, GDC offers advisory services to government institutions and agencies on

  • Service Oriented Architecture – what it is and how to develop it
  • Data protection challenges of personalized e-governance
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis in e-governance
  • Predictive services on e-governance
  • What technology and infrastructure is required to create and support Digital Citizens?
  • Role of business in creating and supporting Digital Citizens
  • Private digital applications in use for governance
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