Business Intelligence and Analytical Tools

Business Intelligence and Analytical Tools

Business Intelligence and Analytical tools are used for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and actionable information for Business analysis. Any reputable firm or company across every major industry has powerful transaction-oriented systems, which stores the data gathered from daily operations into repositories. To remain competitive enterprises need the ability to rediscover and utilize the information they already hold.

Grow Desk Consulting Ltd develops Business intelligence and Analytical tools comprehensive software is as well as application software designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence. The applications usually read data that have been beforehand stored, often, though not essentially, in a data warehouse or data mart.

Functional features of our Business Intelligence and Analytical Tools: 

  • Data mining- exploring a large amount of data and finding useful patterns.
  • Process mining- relates data to process analysis and help in improving business process management.
  • Complex event Processing- to find meaningful events and responding them quickly. An event may be a post, text messages, reports or any kind of data.
  • Descriptive Analysis- To describe the events that already has happened.
  • Predictive Analysis- Predicting future outcomes and trends
  • Reporting- Ad hoc and real-time.
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)-multi-dimensional analysis of business data.
  • Text mining-deriving information from text.
  • Analytics- analysis of data or stats.
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