Regulatory Reform Consultancy

Regulatory Reform Consultancy

The growing interest in legal and regulatory reforms, business process reforms, and better governance in the Sub-Saharan Africa region has led to governments, donors, and development agencies to increasingly focus their attention on improving the regulatory framework for ease of doing business and ensuring a conducive and sustainable economic environment for all stakeholders.

Grow Desk Consulting – GDC offers research and advisory services to our sovereign clients, international organizations and government agencies in Africa, enabling them to adhere to the intrinsic regulatory frameworks.

Our services include comprehensive advisory services on interpretation, development, implementation, training and technical support on regulations, legislation and legislative amendments, regulations, explanatory memoranda, and other related key regulatory tools that are economic drivers.

Some of the key regulatory tools that GDC has worked on include, but not limited to, the Stipulations of the Public Finance Management – PFM Act and Regulations (2015) on budget preparation, presentation and accountability; e-Procurement Act interpretation and accountability; Finance Bill development and streamlining processes and among others.

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